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October 31, 2013

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Flo Vachon, Past President

Feline Folks

813 500-0529


Feline Folks Volunteers Recognized


Feline Folks honored their volunteers at a cook-out held at the Kings Point North Club gazebo on October 23rd.    Fifty one volunteers were recognized for their service to Feline Folks.  Examples of  volunteer efforts were;  feeding cats, transporting cats for spay/ neuter or veterinary care, picking up cat food, fostering cats and kittens, writing grants, sending thank you  notes or helping plan and carry out fundraising events. 

Past-President, Flo Vachon, thanked  the group for their volunteer efforts.  “No matter how big or how small a task you did, it was a huge benefit to Feline Folks.  Every job, no matter how big or small, makes all the difference in the world to our community cats.”  New President, Bonnie Flora, told volunteers that committee members are needed for future fundraising events and encouraged all to choose a task that they enjoyed doing because “every little bit helps.” 


Feline Folks is looking for volunteers to help on funraising, events and other committees.  For more information call Feline Folks at (813) 545-7611.


FREE POPCORN to celebrate National Feral Cat Day with Feline Folks.  On Tuesday & Wednesday, October 16 & 17, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., in the Kings Point North Club House Lobby, Feline Folks will be giving away free popcorn to celebrate the community work they do for Kings Point.  This will be a great opportunity for you to find out what their non-profit organization does to serve you and help the “community cat” population in Kings Point & surrounding areas.  In addition to free popcorn they will be accepting unopened donations of wet and/or dry cat food.  You can also sponsor a cat to be spayed/neutered for $35 or give money towards a spay/neuter.  They will be selling tickets for their next fundraiser, “The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party”, which will be held on November 9, 2013, in the North Club House Banquet Room from 4 to 7 p.m. For more information write or call (813)545-7611

As we enter a new Fall season, we are looking forward to meeting more of our Kings Point residents and our surrounding neighbors. We will be posting new Fund raising events to bring all of us together to meet and raise donations for our Feline Friends. As you know, we are a Non-profit organization, and we enjoy bringing the community together, not only to raise money, but also to see everyone face to face. Please check our site out to see when the next event will be, and we are also on FB as Feline Folks.
Looking forward to meeting all of you for a great season and a great time.
                         FELINE FOLKS
                                        NEEDS FOSTER CARE FOR KITTENS
                                                         Watch 2 Short Videos:
                                                                     Fostering is cool:
                                                                                Google:  Anyone Can Foster Kittens – The Hunger Site
CALL:  813-545-7611
“Fostering Will Leave You Feline Fine”
Feline Folks are in need of Small Grant writers, and Volunteers to transport and feed our Feline Friends. We are also asking for Auto donations,  any make,model,year, in any condition. This would be a Tax deduction donation. Please call for Flo @ 813-545-7611
 Any Donations of Food or Volunteer time are needed, and monetary donations are always welcomed!
May 2,2013
Please HELP!!!   
May 1,2013


Feline Folks Volunteers Celebrate Huge Win For Cats

Feline Folks Volunteers Laurel Swift, Janie Hadley, Dan Boyle and Wendy Arnio celebrate a huge victory for Hillsborough cats immediately following the Hillsborough County Commissioners 6-1 vote to implement a new Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Release Program for feral cats.  The pilot program called Be The Way Home will trap, neuter, vaccinate, microchip and release up to 2000 feral cats back into the community to reduce the euthanasia rate of cats at the Hillsborough animal shelters.  The plan operates at no cost to taxpayers and Animals Services Director Ian Hallet stated that it is projected to save the county money as well as freeing up additional spaces so that cats for adoption will have a longer time period to remain at the shelter before being euthanized.  Be The Way Home advocates were out in big numbers supporting the plan with neon green t-shirts and many spoke at the meeting to advocate the plan which has been so successful in many counties across the country. 


Flo Vachon

President of Feline Folks

813 500-0529


Posted April 1,2013          
March 31,2013
Feline Folks is looking for a volunteer to help apply for small grants. Do you know someone who could volunteer a little time to do this? If so, please email me, Flo Vachon, President of Feline Folks, or email Thank you.
 March 31,2013

From the Desk of Becky Robinson @ Ally Cat Allies

To Janie Hadley of Feline Folks.

Wow. You guys are incredible.

On Friday, we broke the story of a National Audubon Society editor-at-large who took to the Orlando Sentinel, a major metropolitan newspaper, to advocate that citizens get rid of cats by poisoning them with a common over-the-counter medication.

Together, we sent an incredible 30,000 emails directly to Audubon CEO David Yarnold and Chairman B. Holt Thrasher. Because of your response, the Audubon Society suspended the author, Ted Williams, from his position over the weekend.

This is a huge win and I am proud of our response – of your response – but our work’s not done yet. Extremist, anti-cat attacks are on the rise following the Smithsonian’s junk science cat “study.” To respond just as aggressively the next time cats are under fire, we rely on your continued support. Will you help us now to continue to show the strength of our movement?

Click here to donate $5 or more to Alley Cat Allies so that we can continue to be the leading national voice for defending cats.

Thank you for being such a reliable, dedicated ally for cats.


Becky Robinson
Alley Cat Allies


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