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You can help!


Consider volunteering with Feline Folks

Opportunities include:

  • Feeding the feral colonies as infrequently as once per month
  • Picking up and delivering donated food – one Thursday a month
  • Trapping cats to be spayed and neutered
  • Transporting cats to be spayed/neutered

Other ways to help:

  • Remember our Kings Point Feral Cats in your Will
  • Donate your old, tired car to Feline Folks
  •  Remember to appoint your pet a guardian when you can no longer care for them
  •  Donate cat food to help us feed the feral colonies
  •  Donate your unwanted sheets and towels for our newly spayed and neutered cats.

 Donate here using PayPal or credit card.

Pictures from the morning feeding
pic 1.jpg

pic 2.jpg

pic 3.jpg

pic 4.jpg

pic 7.jpg

pic 8.jpg

Reach us at

We appreciate your kindness